Real Estate Agencies

We currently have several strategic alliances in place with real estate agencies who have referred and continue to refer clients to Landsplitters. We undergo our selection process for this type of strategic alliance which is based on a rigorous criterion. Currently, the strategic alliances we have with real estate agencies have been in place long-term. These agencies operate with the highest ethical standards and are well respected by their community in their particular locality. We undertake a community sentiment survey as part of our criteria to ensure this is the case before putting in place any strategic alliances.

From then on, the connection we seek to create with our real estate agents is perpetual.

A strategic alliance creates a symbiotic relationship between Landsplitters and the real estate agency. This is where we begin to refer our clients to them and in turn, they refer any of their current clients which whom they have a long term standing and close relationship with, to us. They may have existing relationships with long standing clients that already have experience in property development or who may wish to become property developers that could be suitable to becoming our client. In turn, many of our clients do wish to sell the properties they develop that can be referred to the real estate agencies.

We seek to interview real estate agencies in specific geographic locations from time to time as we expand our business with new resources to take on new clients and create new strategic alliances.

We welcome existing real estate agencies to contact us or make enquiries to exploring future possibilities for creating strategic alliances with Landsplitters.