Accountants and Business Advisors

We currently have established strategic alliances in place with accounting firms which we have been working with over the long term. The accounting firms are a part of our exclusively tight knit network we have established over many years of experience. Together with Landsplitters, they contribute significantly in growing our clients’ property development businesses. In doing so, they also contribute to our clients achieving success.

We seek to create new strategic alliances with only exclusively selected accounting firms. We undergo a rigorous process during our interview stage in which we apply our specific criteria to determine whether we both proceed into the future. This is done to ensure that our business styles can interblend with each other and are effectively operable with proficiency once a strategic alliance is established. From then on, the connection we seek to create with our accountants is perpetual.

A strategic alliance creates a symbiotic relationship between Landsplitters and accountants. This is where we begin to refer our new clients to our accountants and in turn, they refer any current clients with whom they have a long term standing and close relationship with, to us.

We seek to interview accounting firms in specific geographic locations from time to time as we expand our business with new resources to take on new clients and create new strategic alliances.

We welcome existing accounting firms to contact us or make enquiries to exploring future possibilities for creating strategic alliances with Landsplitters.