Facilitators in all facets of our clients’ projects

We undertake the responsibility of completing projects involving our specialty in Splitters and Duplexes for our clients, as project managers from the beginning, right through to the completed product. We are the facilitators in all facets of our clients’ projects.

It is due to this experience with our clients, that, with time we have been able to observe them growing and developing their property development businesses – initially from small scale one Splitter projects, to multiple small-to-medium scale projects involving combinations of Splitters and Duplexes in many different locations. We believe that this diversifies and mitigates the risk of having substantial exposure in only one project.

We have been with our clients from the beginning, managing their property development businesses and essentially developing and guiding our clients all the way.

We provide a turn-key solution for our clients. Our clients use our services to implement our systems into their property development businesses and grow over time.

We are considered unique in that we work with our vast network of other experts that we have established over many years in the industry, in order to bring the whole process together for our clients. These include our exclusively selected team of professionals that we work closely with, in order to achieve the end result. Our team consists of a very tight network of accountants, buyers agents, solicitors, banks, architects, councils, builders and many different types of trades.