Absolute precision and minimum risk

At Landsplitters, we build our clients’ property development businesses with absolute precision and with a major emphasis on minimising business risk. Once our clients’ property development business is underway, we implement the right procedures and systems and, with our knowledge of development, this puts all the odds of success in our clients’ favour. Best of all, we do it all for our clients, so our fullest intention together with theirs, always goes into their business. Once the business is well on the way, we then manage it all from there on. That is our longer term objective. Our client is like the Chairman of the organisation sitting on the top and looking down. Best of all, it’s their business!

We seek to implement the most advanced reporting procedures during all projects, between us and our clients, so that our clients feel they are in safe hands from start to finish.

There is a large amount of one-on-one interaction with our clients. This comes in many forms – from reporting, to education about property development, to consistent and regular ongoing transparent communication. This is the primary reason why our clients always feel comfortable working with us.